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Leverage AI-Driven Forecasts To Exceed Your Number

Pipeline Management

Give sales reps, managers, and executives visibility into the health of the pipeline.

Pipeline Management

Answer Questions Like:

What deals are important in our 1:1's ?

What deals can we pull into this quarter?

Which deals should reps drop to focus on deals they can win?

What changes have occurred in the pipeline within a time period?

Sales Forecasting

No spreadsheet hell. No version hassles. Manage your forecast submissions & rollup with ease


Answer Questions Like:

Has each manager / rep submitted their forecast this week?

Which deals roll up into the overall forecast?

What does my forecast look like by user/geo/product/segment?

How accurate have our forecasts been over time?


See where you need to focus attention to make your number.


Answer Questions Like:

How much pipeline do I need to hit my number this period?

Which deals are neglected / dormant?

What deals do I need to focus on to get to the next step?

What can we do to advance the top opportunities in your pipeline?


Know if you have enough pipeline at the start of the month, see day-to-day changes in your pipeline and understand where closed deals come from.


Answer Questions Like:

How has our pipeline changed over time?

Are we going to hit our number this quarter / next quarter?

How are we tracking compared to last period?

What business decisions should I make today?