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Better Forecasts, Increased Visibility - More Sales

AI-Driven Sales Forecasting & Intelligence Platform For Modern Sales Teams

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Sales + Artificial Intelligence =
No more last minute surprises

Interloop delivers predictive sales analytics to give execs and managers new visibility into forecasts and at-risk deals, combined with insights and tools for reps in the field to take immediate action.

Increase visibility into pipeline changes

Manage forecasting with auto reminders and updates

Understand what is coming so you can take action today

Integrate the tools you use to eliminate data entry


Built for executives, sales managers, and sales professionals

Empower your entire sales org to take responsibilty for the forecast

Hate data entry? So do we

Interloop uses machine learning to auto parse your calendar, emails, contacts, tickets, & other custom datasources to understand the state of your pipeline

Sync Data

For high velocity sales teams that want to increase visibility and boost performance

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