B2B selling is more challenging & complex than ever.

Today, on average it takes 5-6 people to make a purchasing decision

Each individual has their own unique personality, interests, motivations & buying style. Effective selling requires communicating value to each decision maker while simultaneously driving the group to a consensus
Multiple Decision Makers

Sales cycles are often long, taking months to years

The ability to efficiently and effectively manage all the follow-ups, meetings, calls, demos as well as the dynamics of the groups is extremely difficult
Long Sales Cycles

This is where Interloop comes in

Sales execution is about more than simply collecting data or content. It’s about making the most out of every point of contact. It’s about prescribing the right content, coaching, process, and tools to sellers at the right time in the sales cycle. And enhancing and supporting it all with technology

Interloop powered by IBM Watson

Don't Just Invest In Technology. Invest In Results.

Help your sellers connect with your buyers with expertise and insight. When 80% of leads never close, help your reps improve their odds of success. Accelerate the buying process through more insightful, more connected conversations.

Sales Efficiency
Free Up Time For Selling

Interloop makes it easy for reps on the go to quickly manage their daily interactions, tasks, meetings, and followups in a more natural way

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Sales Coaching
In the Moment Coaching

Provide coaching, guidance, and insights to sales professionals when and where they need it to increase performance in each deal.

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Peak Performance
Reach Peak Performance

Understand what works and what doesn’t to enable sales professionals to make better decisions and win more deals.

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