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Interloop comes in three editions, all designed to meet the varying needs of B2B sales teams with the goal of helping you make the most of every interaction to win more deals, faster.

Sales Foundation
Interloop's base version is ideal for start-ups and smaller sales teams that want to establish a foundation for predictable and consistent growth.

You get everything you need to implement a customized sales process to structure your sales efforts and establish the right sales behaviors.
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Sales Performance
Interloop Professional gives sales organizations with medium to large sales teams the platform to increase sales effectiveness.

It includes all the base capabilities plus personality & behavioral insights (powered by IBM Watson), a dynamic sales content portal, and advanced analytics.

The professional version adds automated goal management to help continually improve your sales process and additional tools to take your coaching efforts to the next level.
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Sales Excellence
Interloop Enterprise is the complete solution for best in class sales organizations.

Enterprise customers have full access to all integrations, the Interloop API and advanced features for sales team analytics, user rights management, company hierarchies and extra advisory support/guidance.
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Is Interloop a CRM? Or do we need a CRM as well?

EITHER OR. This depends on the needs of your organization. We focus on the sales execution piece of "CRM", essentially enabling reps to perform at their best.

We have basic CRM functionality included in Interloop but you can also use Interloop together with your current CRM, such as Salesforce or Sugar CRM.

That said, many customers do replace their old CRM with Interloop's built-in CRM capabilities.

What is IBM Watson & why is it so different?

IBM Watson is a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data. We believe it is the next big step in computing and will revolutionize the approach to business software.

Check out this video that explains the evolution of computing and how IBM Watson works.

Do we have to buy onboarding services?

YES. While Interloop is incredibly easy to setup and customize, we want to ensure that you quickly become familiar with the tools to execute your sales strategy. We want to become your sales execution partner and proper onboarding is key to overall success.

We also provide data import services to safely bring your data from your current database or other sources as well as sales process design sessions to map your unique sales process and strategy into Interloop

Can I download a free trial?

No. While many other software companies provide self-service trials of their software (and often self-service support as well), we don't believe it to be the most efficient way for you to reach your sales goals.

Instead, we'll take the time to understand how we can help you execute your sales strategy. From there, we can give you a pilot of the software to ensure it matches your needs. Just contact us and we'll get started.

Do we need to sign annual contracts?

YES. We want to provide your organization with more than just software. We want to help you execute your sales strategy, which requires consistency over time.

We are committed to helping you not just make the most of the software, but to achieve your sales goals.

Are there any hidden fees or upcharges in the software?

No. We have a per user per month model that includes all the functionality of that edition. There are no traffic, use, storage fees or expensive 3rd party technical consultants needed to use Interloop.